Most people know what a bomb is. It goes “BANG” and it injures and kills. Most people can also recognise the basic types of bomb, like an artillery shell which is fired from a gun (and called a shell because it’s hollow and filed with explosive), or a rocket, or a bomb dropped from a plane, or a mine, which is a stationary bomb that goes off when a target comes near.

However, today’s media have come up with some additions, such as the nasty Barrel Bombs, apparently cheaply made, dropped by the Syrians from helicopters. How much worse is it to be killed by one of these than an expensive rocket made in a factory? And then there’s the ubiquitous IED, the Improvised Explosive Device. Surely it must be really nasty with a name like that? Actually it’s a cheaply made mine. Again, is it worse to be killed by one of these than a “proper” one made in a British or American factory?

It’s all part of the scheme to demonise the other side, as also when a government we don’t like is called a “regime”; and irregular troops we like are called “Freedom Fighters”, while those we don’t are called “Terrorists”. That last one is especially bad since regular war, guerrilla war, and terrorism are all specifically different types of violent campaign; calling a man fighting to defend a fixed position a “Terrorist” is actually wrong by definition. Also notice how “our” soldiers are always brave and have loving families, while “theirs” are cowardly and probably lacking in mothers, children or friends.

So a bomb is a bomb is a bomb, however much the mainstream media may play with words to demonise our enemies, and justify war and violence by Britain and its allies. Jesus, of course, commanded love for enemies regardless of what the media says.

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