Churches are NOT Christian? Really?

This is a deeply shocking statement, likely to produce an instant response of “Don’t be stupid!”. However, we are not saying that there is no link between Christianity and Church. Obviously there is. But there has been a huge divergence between the two over the centuries. And a more than a little digging is needed to realise just how significant this divergence is.

The common understanding is that “Church” and “Christian” mean exactly the same thing by definition. That’s certainly the way the Churches want people to see it, and the way we have all been taught to think for nearly two thousand years. However, Church was very much the invention of Emperor Constantine of Rome for political reasons. (See the history here.) Since Constantine, Christianity has been seen as having a legitimate interest in dominion, control, militarism, politics or power. It is also because of an Edict of Constantine that we still take our Day of Rest on the day of the Sun God (Sunday) instead of the Seventh Day Sabbath (Saturday.)¬†¬†Look at non-religious Christianity here, or browse other articles on the Home Page here.The implications are enormous.

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