Darwinian Evolution is Bunk

Darwinian Evolution is fatally flawed. It contravenes the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It claims that information on DNA comes about by chance. It assumes that simple atoms spontaneously combine to make the hyper-complex chemicals of life. It ignores the “innumerable intermediate forms” missing from the Fossil Record. (Something Darwin himself stated, before “solving” the problem by a leap of blind faith*.) It ignores the fact that intermediate forms would, by definition, not be the fittest to survive, and would perish if they ever managed to exist. It denies Irreducible Complexity. It claims Natural Selection as an original, creative process even though the name tells us it’s merely a Selection Mechanism. It continues to pretend that Darwin’s “Simple Cell”, which he could only see under a simple light microscope, really is simple, in spite of modern science showing that even just the Proton Engine within the Mitochondria is a masterpiece of nano-engineering. Unlike proper science, it is not underpinned with precise mathematical formulae. It is nothing more than a hotchpotch of assumptions and imaginations backed by imaginary reams of evidence. Evidence which nobody can ever quote, always making the excuse that “I’m not a scientist”. Or in the case of a scientist “I’m not an evolution scientist”. Evolution Theory contributes nothing to real science. Its role is to provide a comfort blanket for atheists, and a platform to attack the Bible and Christianity.

Why is nobody prepared to spend even a few hours out of their entire life to check the truth of the statements above? Laziness? Pride in what they think they already know? Fear of what they will discover? There is no easy way to say this: Darwinian Evolution is the most stupid, convoluted piece of circular argument in the history of philosophy. It is bogus science. Anyone who bases their life on it is committing the worst act of folly imaginable.

Promoting Creation Science is not the main purpose of this site; it exists to expose the Churches as the sick surrogate for Christianity they really are. But we provide here plenty of resources for people to research this vital issue. We advise, beg and implore people to thoroughly rethink what they believe.

*See Origin of Species Chapter 6 “ I believe the answer mainly lies in the record being incomparably less perfect than is generally supposed.”

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