Evangelical Really Means Zionist?

The root of the word “Evangelical” is the Greek euangelion meaning “Good News” or “Gospel“. One’s natural assumption therefore is that people described as Evangelical would have a primary interest in the Gospel: a passionate interest in adhering to it, promoting it, and proclaiming it to the unconverted. The reality is that Evangelicals, particularly in America, have been and continue to be the main proponents of Christian Zionism. Thus we may take note that Evangelicals do not have such a great concern with the Gospel at all. And that when America opened its new Embassy in Jerusalem the media talked about how Trump had strengthened his position “among Evangelicals”. Indeed, even though one of the speakers at the Embassy opening was John Hagee, arguably the World’s leading Christian Zionist, the phrase “Christian Zionism” hardly came through in the press reports.

Since Zionism is inextricably connected with the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple and restoration of animal sacrifice, it stands in complete contradiction to the Sacrifice of Christ that is central to the Gospel. A lack of enthusiasm for the Gospel is therefore to be expected of Christian Zionists; and using the word “Evangelical” to describe them is a piece of linguistic deception even greater than the equivalence attributed to the words “church” and “christian”.

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