Every mainstream media (MSM) news outlet serves the interests of the state power or money power that owns and runs it. And frequently those two worldly powers are one and the same. This is true whether the outlet is in America, Russia, Britain or North Korea. The difference is that Western outlets can insult politicians and give a wider range of views; but this difference is of far less value than at first appears. The MSM control the agenda. They report what they want to report, they ignore what they want to ignore. They promote what they want to promote, and discredit what they want to discredit. Loaded words are used constantly, such as a paramilitary being a “Terrorist” if opposed to “Us”, but a “Freedom Fighter” if on “Our” side. Even different words are used for bombs (here.)

The result is that the Western MSM are more truthful, but with little benefit. If someone lampoons Mr Kim in North Korea he will end up in a labour camp. If someone declares Theresa May or Tony Blair to be a War Criminal in Britain, there is no such consequence. But in both cases the leaders continue on their course. The phrase “more truthful” used above is significant. Truth is not relative. It is either the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; alternatively it’s a greater or a lesser lie.

A great danger here is that lies and obfuscation are constantly used to justify violence and war. Hence, in recent times, we have over one hundred cruise missiles fired at Syria because of an alleged gas attack in Douma; an attack which even good Western Journalists denied, and which was never investigated before the missiles were launched. But no missiles were launched at Burma on account of the Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing, or at Israel on account of the shooting of unarmed protesters in Gaza. This is hypocrisy of the very highest order, but after a few weasel words in the MSM things return to business as usual.

Christian Rethink is not a Newsfeed. What’s presented here are occasional articles giving more depth to current issues, particularly with regard to the current greatest war, the so-called “Civil” war in Syria.