Here we list twenty useful Creation Science websites and other web resources. The list is far from exhaustive, but provides a convenient link through to a good range. The list begins below the links to relevant articles on this site.

Science Proves That There is No God. Incorrect!

Darwinian Evolution is NOT Science. A quick look at some crucial profound errors.

Darwin Exposes Himself  for a brief look at fatal errors exposed even by the book’s title.

Scientists Dissenting from Darwinism.  Very few people are aware of the depths of disagreement with Darwinism among scientists.

The Knee is Not a Hinge Joint – and it Matters. It’s what they teach in school, but it’s not true.

Failed Cup of Coffee Shows Crucial Dynamic in Geology. Very brief introduction to rock formation.

Geology – the Rocks Really do Cry Out!  More detailed explanation of stratified rock formation, with short video, showing the speed with which it really happens.

The Remarkable Man who Corrects School Textbooks.  Texas laws say school textbooks must be accurate. Who puts them right?

And Why Creation Science Fails for discussion of why Darwinian Evolution retains its dominance of the popular imagination.


External Links Start Here.  Very large site. Offices around the World, including UK. Also the home of Creation Magazine.

Institute for Creation Research  More focused on research than publicity, hence some heavy science, but well worth visiting.

Answers in Genesis  The site of Ken Ham, who built the full size Ark in Kentucky. Very large site.

Discovery Institute – Makes no reference to the Bible. Deals exclusively with science that disproves Darwinian Evolution.

Kent Hovind’s Site.  Kent Hovind is irrepressible, controversial, and has possibly brought more people to a six-day Creationist understanding than any other single person.

100 Reasons Evolution is Stupid Video.  Humorous but also serious. A talk given by Kent Hovind (above). Probably twenty years old, but it doesn’t date. An good place to start if you’re new to Creation Science, and some easy revision if you’re not.

Creation Research.  Run by Australian John Mackay, one of the respected “Old Hands” in Creation.

Creation Resources Trust. Based in the UK, and has been working for decades. Focused more on making resources widely available.

Bible Science Forum  Dr. John Hartnett’s site, with a focus on Cosmology.

North-West Creation Network   Large local group based in North-West USA. Plenty of useful stuff even if you don’t live close.

Creation Science Movement  The Original!  CSM is the renamed Evolution Protest Movement which was set up in the 1930’s and included such worthies as Sir Ambrose Fleming, the Father of modern electronics.

Biblical Geology   Very detailed but also very readable site dealing with Geology.

Creation Science Live TV  Properly called Genesis Science Network. Provides live TV through the internet.

Google-type Search of all Creation Websites   Exactly what it says!

Lamination in Rocks is Instant   Much-overlooked 15 minute video showing that layers in rocks form instantly.

Prof. Andy McIntosh’s Site.   Personal site of retired Professor of Combustion and Thermodynamics. Small, but worth a visit.

Creation Evolution Debates on YouTube.  Plenty of good debates to watch here.

Creation Network  Site set up by Eric Hovind, son of Kent Hovind, providing a networking approach for all Creationists.

Creation Magazine   Direct link to the hard-copy Creation Magazine.

Truth in Science Group seeking to improve science teaching in UK schools.

Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels   Feature length film covering evolution and creation from several different scientific disciplines, with over a dozen scientists. Sorry, this only links to the three-minute trailer, both worth watching. Whole film is $5.

Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed   This feature film/documentary by Ben Stein (not a Christian) is not strictly scientific, but highlights the bias within academia against anything other than evolution. Focus on Intelligent Design rather than Creation. Entertaining as well as informative.