Scientific Evidence for God – It’s this Simple!

Did you ever see good design in a car, or a phone, or a chair, or a bathroom shower? Did you ever think that such design came about with zero application of intelligence? Do you imagine that even poor design can come about without the slightest need for intelligence? Did you ever consider that rather than splashing out hundreds of pounds on an iphone, you could just take a stone from your garden and hope it would turn into one? Or did you think that would take millions of years? Or were you aware that no stone anywhere ever turned into an iphone, and that all those that do exist came about only through the application of intelligence?

When you look at the living world and see millions of examples of exquisite design, is it not clear that intelligence was needed for this? Whether you believe in evolution or creation, the question of design has only one answer: design does not come about without intelligence. As Paul says in Romans, long before anyone thought of Creation Science, the existence of God is “clearly seen . . .from what has been made.”

Creation Science has only arisen to counter the impact of Darwinism. Darwin thought endless random mutations on DNA would create exquisite design. Not that he had the remotest clue about DNA, nor even about genetics, but that was the drift of his imagination. It’s the same as imagining a book could come about through countless millions of typographical errors, with the paper, ink, and alphabet having all conveniently designed and created themselves first. The rank stupidity of this scenario, whether it relates to a book, a lion, a car, or anything else, is breathtaking.

No design, not even poor design, without intelligence. It’s that simple.