Scientists Dissenting from Darwinisn

Evolutionists often claim that all scientists accept evolution. The enormous list here shows something of the falsity of that claim. The list however, should be read with an understanding of the massive pressure on academics to conform to the majority view. The documentary film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (view here) shows how even a neutral reference by a scientist to Intelligent Design can be a career breaker. A reference to Biblical Creationism is even more damaging.

It is also important to realise just how compartmentalised science is. Even in High School, science teachers have a strong preference to stay within their own specialism, be it physics, chemistry or biology. Beyond school this is much more than just preference. A researcher in aeronautics, meteorology, oncology, combustion theory, or whatever, is most unlikely to have given any more thought to evolution than anyone else.  Including such people on a list of scientists who accept evolution has little meaning. The list linked above shows scientists who have both seriously thought about evolution and are also prepared to put their career and reputation on the line by going public.

Whatever the numbers here, it is vital to remember that science is not a matter of politics or money, though these things have enormous influence on it. Science is about evidence. One man with evidence outweighs a million without.