Vicar’s Daughter and Anglican Churchgoer, Theresa May, became a war criminal on 14th April 2018 when she ordered British missile strikes against Syria. The politicians, the media, and as usual the churches were silent or mealy-mouthed about it. One wonders how they would have reacted if President Assad had ordered missile strikes on Porton Down? Sounding bad? It gets worse.

We’ll come to the ragged excuse for the attacks in a moment. First consider that Syria is an independent, sovereign nation some 2,000 miles away that offers no threat to the UK. The missile attacks had no UN approval. There was no Declaration of War. Parliament was not consulted. This was flagrant aggression.

And the excuse was alleged gas attacks by the Syrian Government on Douma. Given the military situation, the Syrian Government had absolutely no incentive to use gas, and the rebels had every incentive to claim such an attack had happened. For this attack to even begin to stack up as an excuse for May’s aggression, the evidence had to be rock solid. But what do we have? A video, shown on all main TV channels, showing distressed children being hosed down with cold water. Why were they distressed? Western journalists, including Robert Fisk of the Independent, were soon in Douma after the event. They all came back with the same story. The Jihadi White Helmets had claimed there was gas and dragged children to the hospital to hose them down while shooting a video. From the video, it was possible to identify doctors and children afterwards, and they confirmed what had really happened. One of the boys, Hassan Diab, has since been taken to Geneva to testify. There wasn’t much about that in the UK media, with Robert Fisk’s report given the silent treatment despite his undoubted status as a Foreign Correspondent

In summary, the missile attack was launched purely on May’s authority, without a Declaration of War, without a valid reason, before there was even time to investigate. A Syrian missile attack on Porton Down because they didn’t like what happens there would be precisely equivalent, apart from the fact that Porton Down is a proven chemical weapons centre. Who would need more than three milliseconds to work out that such an attack would be a war crime? Who needs more time to conclude that May’s attack is  equally a war crime?

The issue here is not just the breaking of International Law. Churchgoing Vicar’s Daughter May has absolutely no regard for the commands of Jesus, who she claims to follow. Nor do all the churches that signally failed to condemn her. This needs to be recognised as clear evidence that the Churches are not Christian, not as evidence that Christianity is violent. 

For more detail see Media and Truth Part Company Over Syria.