What’s the Difference Between a Fishmonger and a Warmonger?

Some are obvious. A fishmonger sells fish. It’s a smelly business. My son used to complain bitterly about the deep offence to his nostrils whenever we walked through the local fish market! It was also rather noisy as the fishmongers touted their wares for sale.

Warmongering is far less obvious. No nasal offence or great noise. Mostly it seems as though the warmongers are only providing good information. Even more often, the warmongering is simply a matter of silence. The media consistently leave out crucial facts, politicians keep to other matters, the churches say nothing. While the British Government sends the RAF and the SAS to Syria or Libya, when it supplies bombs for the Saudis to drop on Yemen, when it supplies non-lethal aid to Syrian rebels (we supply the pick-up trucks, the US supplies guns to fit), all it needs from other quarters is silence.

There may be a lack of “nasal offence” and noise from the warmongers; but there is a stench, and it rises all the way to Heaven.